Code Monkeyの日記
0001Code Monkey ★2014/04/17(木) 21:46:46.42ID:????2BP(1000)
Hello. I will be recording daily events here.
0002名無しさん2014/04/17(木) 23:07:33.65ID:/YK1iNMF?S★(501000)
Bookmarked, and looking forward to here.
0003Code Monkey ★2014/04/18(金) 00:59:22.39ID:????2BP(1000)
Wow. I had a long day. Ate at a buffet for dinner.
Still spending a lot of time working on 2ch defense.
0004Code Monkey ★2014/04/18(金) 02:30:43.60ID:????2BP(1000)
Its late now, but I am not tired.
I guess drinking three cups of coffe an hour ago isnt helping my insomnia.
0005Code Monkey ★2014/04/18(金) 10:45:24.89ID:????2BP(1000)
Its so hot this morning. My air conditioner had an electrical fire in the night.
Now I dont have air conditioning any more.
0006名無しさん2014/04/18(金) 14:33:45.25ID:U9hOMSpW?2BP(1000)
0008Code Monkey ★2014/04/18(金) 15:21:39.57ID:???
I am getting sick. Now I have a headache, fever, and runny nose.
It seems that working 24/7 on 2ch is starting to take a toll on my health.
0009名無しさん2014/04/18(金) 17:09:21.38ID:bKrEjStC?S★(501000)
No wonder you feel sick. Somehow incidents occur day after day.
0010Code Monkey ★2014/04/18(金) 19:01:51.14ID:???
super sick now. coughing, massive headache.
can barely type, but I will continue watching the 2ch server health
0011名無しさん2014/04/18(金) 20:04:47.84ID:3Lfy0Kye?2BP(1000)
Take care of yourself.
0013名無しさん2014/04/19(土) 15:14:52.57ID:EBSx1Mbx?S★(501000)
Did you go to the doctor? We're very worried.
0014Code Monkey ★2014/04/19(土) 19:25:24.15ID:???
I ate some antibiotics and fever reduction medicine.
However, I still dont feell better yet. Maybe tomorrow.
0015名無しさん2014/04/19(土) 19:32:39.44ID:PQPmta3f?2BP(1000)
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0016Code Monkey ★2014/04/20(日) 16:05:03.38ID:????2BP(1000)
I still feel sick today. I slept for 12 hours last night.
Maybe I will be better tomorrow. Today I will work on fixing broken stuff on 2ch .
0018Code Monkey ★2014/04/23(水) 19:25:30.83ID:????2BP(1000)
Another day and Im still sick.
I have spent all day trying to build a next generation 2ch machine with Mango Mangue-san.
0019名無しさん2014/04/23(水) 21:58:05.03ID:fMtTb7BE?2BP(1000)
0020Code Monkey ★2014/04/24(木) 23:31:56.90ID:????2BP(1000)
My dog just ate a bottle of tylenol.
I had to force her to drink hydrodren peroxide to vomit.
I think she will be okay.
0021Code Monkey ★2014/04/24(木) 23:44:15.60ID:????2BP(1000)
The stupid cat pushed the tylenol off the table and it fell on the floor.
Then the dog ate many pills. Stupid cat.
0022名無しさん2014/04/25(金) 07:23:41.70ID:0yWu8Hqh?S★(501000)
0023Code Monkey ★2014/04/25(金) 19:16:45.27ID:???
Good news: My dog didnt die.
Better news: I am a
0027名無しさん2014/04/25(金) 19:38:08.93ID:0yWu8Hqh?S★(501000)
What's happen?
0029Code Monkey ★2014/04/25(金) 19:54:14.69ID:???
Hehe, we are just testing a new system.
It will be deployed soon to all the boards.
0030Code Monkey ★2014/04/25(金) 20:04:15.75ID:???

0031名無しさん2014/04/25(金) 20:05:47.65ID:0yWu8Hqh?S★(501000)
That's something to look forward to. I guess that some people will be able to use new icons.
0033名無しさん2014/04/25(金) 22:17:16.22ID:cWCKtoUm?2BP(1000)
0034Code Monkey ★2014/05/01(木) 23:56:51.42ID:????2BP(1000)
I was so busy the past few days. Had a lot of meetings with some new friends.
I hope that everyone stays healthy and we can all meet again.
0038名無しさん2014/06/02(月) 11:46:00.43ID:SLaV/il8?2BP(1000)
0039 ◆blackstars 2014/06/02(月) 11:48:33.66ID:7xq7DFDx?S★(501000)
0040名無しさん2014/06/07(土) 17:07:21.35ID:rzXiS1TO?PLT(14073)
0041名無しさん2014/06/07(土) 17:25:20.15ID:TgHRELbu?S★(501000)
0042Code Monkey ★2014/06/12(木) 23:06:59.88ID:????2BP(1000)
I just went on a massive trip to a few different countries.
Met with a lot of important people. I am happy that I had the opportunity.

Sadly, I seem to have gained a lot of weight due to the high stress of travel.
Time for a diet and exercise!